Barn Relocation Update

CCAT of Napa Sonoma has been very busy finding homes for feral and semi feral cats. Placing approximately 30 cats in a dozen or so of locations. It is kitten season many will need homes. CCAT is always searching for Barn, wineries, and country homes for placement. They are the best rodent deterrent.

Our stock of traps, cages, and dens have increased in quantity due to the uptick in placement, transportation, and trapping requests.

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We Are Not Alone with Barn Cat Relocation

The other day I received an email from one of our members, linking me to a great article in the Wall Street Journal. Unfortunately, as I learned, you have to be a subscriber. So, for any of you who do subscribe, I will include the link at the end of this post so you can check it out.
For the rest of us non-WSJ folk, the article was titled, “The New Must Have Yard Accessory: a Feral Cat”. And the title says it all. It was written by Shibani Mahtani and Joe Barrett and appeared on October 26th, 2016. I actually contacted Shibani for permission to use the article. She was glad that I contacted her and didn’t have a problem, however, I would have to get approval from the WSJ. So, I guess I will just have to tell you about it.

The article mentioned a few cases, or stories, of how feral cats are helping Residents and Business owners in Chicago battle the overgrowing rat population. In fact, the rat problem is so bad that there are waiting lists for feral cats. The stories go on about how the cats take to their new environment and the process of their relocation. And the best part is that it is really working, and thus the demand, or as Shibani stated, a “Must Have Yard Accessory”.
So, if you are dealing with more rats than you would like to see, then please contact us (CCAT) and see if we can help you out by relocating  feral cats to your home, office building, or vineyard.

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